Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A**e about face as usual

As is usual for me, I've finished the cover for my new novel. The only thing is I haven't finished the novel - not even the first draft.

    I'm nearly there but I realised that come the end of version one I'll have to rewrite it. But everyone rewrites it, not once but several (dozen in my case) times. However in this instance I'm going to change his character. 

    I've found out to my cost that although I love dry humour it's not in me to write it. It's disappointing because I was so looking forward to it. Therefore I think I'll have to fall back on my usual style unless I'm writing a non comedic novel, which is to say juvenile, because, as my beloved is so fond of reminding me, I never really grew up even though my sixtieth birthday is looming dangerously close.

    I'll keep the cover a secret for now because I might alter it or change it all together. Though I'm not sure I will because the groan of revulsion from my daughter (allegedly) tells me that I might have got it right.

    When I do finish and publish this one I'm finally going to begin what I should have started fourteen novels ago, which is to say actually advertise them. My sales have dried up somewhat over the past few months and it's time I flogged a few.

    Here's a new picture of my favourite horse. Considering she's about ten times smaller than my daughter's other nags she really gives them some aggravation. It's worth waiting around for it just to see the shock in their faces.

  She really is the height of four breeze (cinder) blocks.


  1. Growing up means growing old and you don’t want to be doing that. I’ve got ten years on you, and I’ve no intention of growing up not while I’m enjoying my childhood so much!
    That little horse is adorable, I wish you could capture the moment when she shows the others so much attitude. I would love to see it!

  2. I'll be a grumpy old git tomorrow on my birthday but the day after I'll be fine and back to my childish self.
    The next time I have to go to the yard I'll take a video of Ellie giving the big ones some stick and put it on F/B because I don't now how to do it on blogger.