Sunday, 5 November 2017

Another wasted day.

Did anyone else destroy an entire day yesterday?

    I did; trying to download Windows 10 Ver 1307. It was trying and failing to download itself and in the process completely ruining any chance of my working on my new novel whilst Sod's Law is being beta read by my wonderful, fantastic, (did I mention great) beta readers.

    Anyway, I finally got it done to find...nothing. Do I want to write on my PC screen? Do I want to change the colour of the virtual post-it stickers I never use? In fact do I want to do anything included in the newest update? Frankly no. I couldn't even turn off auto updates for fear of missing cumulative updates that kind of are important. 

    I think it's just some long term plan by Microsoft to do, well something to us, probably resulting in a lot more money for them and a loss less for us. Only time will tell.

    Oh, and it's slowed my machine down to a crawl again. I think I'll take it off and find some hack to stop it coming back. That might involve a sledge hammer, but whatever works.

    Whining finished.

    My newest anti-hero is Broderick Snodden. He loathes every child in the prep school at which he is forced to work. He also hates all the staff especially one man in particular. For what reason yet I haven't decided. He has a plan to eradicate all of them. Whether he will succeed or not depends on the character whom I've yet to name. 

    The panster begins another - can't wait.

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