Saturday, 2 December 2017

Death by bubbles.

Excuse my absence for the last few days. In my rare moments of relaxation I just have mess about with my new book. In fact I'm half way through the 247586794937827th edit.

    My wife has always accused me of being tight (mean). I disagree and repost with all the money I've spend on my (alleged) daughter's horses and the new boiler for which I've just indebted myself for the next four years, or the truly enormous bunch of flowers with which I presented her on our thirty fourth anniversary last week.

    Unfortunately I may have been a teensy bit guilty this week.

    As I may have mentioned I eschew the use of a car (mainly because I don't have one) in preference for a motorbike and latterly a scooter. And although it's getting cold - about zero degrees most morning this week- when I ride to work the cold doesn't bother me much since I wear enough coats to make me look like the Michelin man  

    However that doesn't stop my helmet visor from steaming up, and running under a bus can really mess up one's day. So eschewing with equal contempt the local bike's shops exorbitant price for proper visor demister I opted for the old fashioned approach.

    This entails smearing washing liquid over the inside of the visor. Fairy this month because that's what my wife got. After doing that you run clean water over the plastic and it's done. It lasts for about three days and works well.

    Unfortunately on this occasion it didn't. It was raining on Wednesday morning and just as I hastily swung away from a clearly comatose van driver I suddenly lost all vision. Slamming on the brakes and coming to a juddering halt at the side of the road I lifted said visor to wipe away the million or so bubble that had formed and turned the visor completely opaque.

    Now I know what extra-extra soapy means. I think I'll swallow what's left of my pride and head for the bike shop.

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