Saturday, 9 December 2017

Help me I'm boring

Whilst taking a break from writing I've been reading. No biggy there, most writers read - it's a prerequisite of being a good writer.

    My problem is that I keep reading the same ten book series again and again and a...etc etc. It's no problem because I love the series. What is a problem is that like Independence Day, The Langoliers, and several other films to which I know every single solitary word of dialogue it's the same with these books. I know what happens in every single chapter - every single page. is a great place for finding books and kudos to Betty? for doing it. However, I don't read or write romance and crime isn't my bag so-to-speak. I have managed to find half a dozen great books on EBook B but there have to be more books I can read.

    The problem is that the stock of 60's espionage novels (especially if you don't like John le Carré) is finite. Most of the post apocalypse books are full of zombies and Stephen King is no longer writing what I want to read. I quite like Vampires (especially joleene naylor's series) but I think I've done that to death - or undeath.

    Well what do you want to read?
    I don't know!!

    I try not to read too much of the genres in which I write in case I accidentally copy them, which leaves me little else.

    Looks like it's back to Len Deighton.


  1. I try to read other genres, not only for the story but to see how other authors approach their work in terms of plots, descriptions, dialogue. I believe that's one of the best -- maybe the best -- ways to learn how to write. Good luck, Roger!

    1. You're correct of course but I seem to be stuck in a spiral of laziness except when it comes to writing. I think the problem is that I haven't come across a new author for ages. When I do I devour all their work.

  2. I seem to be into mystery with a hint of ghostly goings on – such as The Winter Children by Lulu Taylor or psychological thrillers like The Lie, The Accident, The Escape and The Missing all by C. L. Taylor.
    A cousin of mine recently lent me Wasp by Eric Frank Russell it’s a SF which he loves – I’ve not read it yet so I can’t say one way or the other.
    What about non fiction? I’m looking forward to reading The Road to Passchendaele by Richared Van Emden.
    Maybe pop along to your local library and try looking at the shelves you would normally ignore.

    1. Libraries? I seem to recall those. There aren't any near where I live.
      I'll have a look at Wasp. Hopefully I'll love it. Thanks.

  3. I try to read in all the genres I write in, and that pretty much keeps me busy.