Tuesday, 26 December 2017

I blinked and then it was gone.

It's the same every year. I love the build up to Christmas which usually begins about mid March and as it gets closer the atmosphere of everything and everyone changes. Suddenly the world seems a more more exciting place, like when I was a child. Then poof, it's gone.

    My daughter has flown the coop so the day was exceptionally quiet. I miss her already. It isn't like she's gone to another continent (no matter how much she'd like to) but the house doesn't seem right without her. Not that I'd tell her that. The only sound we heard in the final two weeks were furious muttering and curses that her iphone had slowed down on her. Don't know about the rest of you but I believe Apple when they say it's to cut down on battery consumption. I really do believe them. Why, they'd never even think of pre-installing automatic obsolescence just so that their several trillion customers will eagerly queue to part with a £1000!!! to buy the newest one.

   Admittedly I was really too busy to notice. I thought I'd use the spare time to do yet another draft of my new novel. Only one more to go now I think. Finally all the plot holes are gone, and all the tangents off to which I never sped. Furthermore all, well nearly all usages of the word "that" have been eliminated. I'm still chasing "which" but I've pared them down to a minimum.

    I hope you all enjoy what's left of Christmas an that the new year brings all you could ever have hoped for. I've just about given up on Santa leaving a brand new Harley at the front doorstep. But there's still enough of a child left in me to continue hoping. Alas, according to my wife there's still way too much of a child in me. Don't care. Want one.


  1. And I for one hope you get one - although maybe not - they are so flipping dangerous! Happy New Year!

  2. The bikes aren't dangerous. It's just every single person on the planet save me.
    A happy new year to you and yours.