Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The dreary days of January

Do you know why this country (England) has such bad weather? Do you want to know why it's the most depressing place in the world at times - and I should know cos' I've lived in France.

    It's because we have four weather fronts continually, or should that be continuously, arriving from four different directions. One sweeping up from Africa, One hurtling over from the Siberian Steppes, and another drifting down from Scandinavia, and the last (thanks USA), a warmer one coming from the new world. When they hit they cause the most awful turbulence. 

    The only reason I'm bothering you with this ephemera is because right now all four of those dratted weather fronts are coalescing right over the roof of my house. 

    My only only desire is that the strongest of them is coming from the east. I wouldn't mind if my whole neighbourhood got blown over to Bermuda or Miami. At least then I might even get to see the sun. I kind of remember that from when I was in LA: big, yellow and hot. 

    Role on summer.


  1. If my calculations are correction, our temperature here hit minus 25.5 degrees Celsius yesterday morning ... I figure we all have weather to complain about.

  2. -25/30 is the perfect temperature. We used to walk around in T shirts in those conditions in the arctic - though only when the sun was out admittedly. Over here it's the water in the air; like a permanent downpour as well as being cold.