Sunday, 18 November 2018

Ellie's shrinking

Ellie and her new partner have moved to a new stable where they seem to be very happy. Mutant Shetland number two (Ela) is almost four feet tall and towers over Ellie. You'd think my daughter could come up with something a little different but as she's only one day short of giving birth to her first baby, she's probably got other things on her mind. The two nags seem to like each other and yesterday, in a display of equine solidarity, and in keeping with all the other brainlessness displayed about the yard, she tried to eat a bag of galvanised nails I was using to repair the fence. This was in a futile attempt to keep out the other two new occupants of the stables, who both seem to like eating hay as well.

    Living with them are two (is there a more expressive adjective than enormous?) rottweilers with a combined IQ in the low single digits. Both are enormouser than Ellie and could easily eat her if they chose. Providing, of course, they could either get to their feet without falling over or walking more than five feet without slamming straight into the nearest door. I'l try to get a shot of them next time if I can wake them up; and of Ela if I can get her out of the hawthorn bush in which she has decided to spend most of her days.

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