Monday, 25 May 2020

Is there nothing serious happening in the world?

Apart from the new(ish) virus that's killing an awful lot of people, the British press, aka the paps, now have something even more useless to bray about.

    One of the advisers to our beloved Prime Minister may, or may not have done something ill-advised in possibly making a trip when he may or may not have been infected with the virus. Even though this was apparently in accordance with the then governments guidelines.

    Over and above said virus that's killing a whole lot of people, that's all we hear on the news. And every time this particular person has the audacity to show his head, he's besieged by what looks like hundreds of reporters (not one of whom appears to be wearing a mask or gloves) to berate him for what he may or may not have done. If this locust-like cloud of jackals doesn't start their own second spike of this virus, it will be a miracle.


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