Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Hurty bobo

 A couple of days ago (and not for the first time) I discovered, or remembered what  happens when a human body (that's me) is flying towards earth at what felt like terminal velocity.

    I even had time to think Ohhh s...... you get the rest.

    All the other times it was when I was either knocked off my motorbike, or that never to be forgotten day that I was abseiling down from a helicopter when it caught a downdraft as I was going fast but only about ten feet from the ground. Oh, drat I muttered lumbering to my feet and extracting my rifle barrel from a very soft part of myself.

    This time a mini cab driver decided to go left after signalling right. Foolishly believing him I continued across the road on my daily run. It was only as it bore down on me that I jerked to the side, fell and slammed into the edge of the pavement to an excruciating spasm of pain. Funnily enough he didn't stop. Who'd have thought it?

   Now my right shoulder retains the semi-muscular shape it was before, while my left looks like it was bolted on from someone else's dead body.

    Twenty, or even ten years ago, I could have laughed it off, but now I feel like a cripple and can barely breathe without a grimace of agony.

    Mind you, twenty, or even ten years ago I could have got out of the way a little more sprightly.

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