Saturday, 14 May 2011

My tenth new book

I finally began my new book today. This is my tenth and I'm determined that I'm going to get it published. So this time I'm not going to write it like I did all the rest. This time, I'm going to have a plan. I'll name all the characters. I'll know (more or less) what's going to happen in every chapter and I'll know how it's going to end.
  And this time, I won't begin paragraphs with conjunctions. I'll write it all slowly; not just throw it down and re-edit it fifty five thousand times afterwards. This is going to be the book that sells. And even if it doesn't, at least it will be my best book - so far.

And as for that writing a book without the letter E - what a joke that turned out to be. Whoever does stuff like that is a far better man than me. I tried and I blew it. I got up to nearly five hundred words and felt like gouging my eyes out with a spoon just so that I wouldn't have to see it again.

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