Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ascot was painful

Not for me, anyway. I saw someone, very famous, being copiously sick all over someone else's Porsche. I wouldn't mind if it had been a piece of junk like a Ferrari, or a Masserati or a, well you get the idea. But a Porsche! Anyway, ten inch heels aside and traffic lights that stay on red for hours while thousand of penguins in tops hats stagger blindly all over the road, it was a good day. It's not often that you see a horse kick the headlight out of a new Rolls Royce, or a drunken oaf spilling an entire bottle of Bollie inside a open top DB9. It's the little things that give you pleasure.
   Got five thousand words down. Trashed them last night when I realised that I'm not writing that novel any more. Still I'm going back tomorrow. Who knows what I'll see broken or being vomited over.
   Rumour in the publishing industry says that due to the Ebook phenomenon, publishers are looking for shorter books with more action. Sounds good. I've got about five novels that never got past the novella stage. Maybe I'll dust off the cobwebs and rehash them. I'm not quite sure what 'shorter' means. My stuff is usually about 110,000 words. I'll try some exploratory submissions.


  1. Who knows what the publishers want.

  2. You're right. One publisher raved over my manuscript saying it was the best thing he'd read in years then sent it back covered in coffee stains saying he wasn't interested.

  3. I love your writing. Darn, I never see anything this fun.
    Publishers and agents are always wanting us to bring the word count down. They should try reading the novel first, or a good portion of it.
    As a reader, I love a book of 600-800 pages. I can really get into the characters and the story.

  4. That's between 2/400,000 words. Characters would have to be a lot more interesting than mine to sustain it. I'd ave to slaughter them in interesting ways just to maintain the pace. You've just given me an idea.