Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Bentley didn't break down.

With some relief the car didn't burst into flames yesterday. I almost wish it did. We were stuck on an motorway/freeway  for two hours. We didn't move an inch until it the traffic finally began to crawl forward to the point where everybody in the entire seven lane stretch were apparently staring at a very interesting pebble. I've heard of "Shockwave", the phenomena where the vortex of slow traffic will remain in place for hours but when you've got two very bored children the urge to leap out of the car and throw myself under a truck hurtling along in the other direction was almost overwhelming.


  1. Seven lane stretch! I am quite impatient when traffic gets tied up. I can't imagine being stuck in a car with two children.

  2. What made it worse was that they were my boss' kids and she was with us.