Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cat problems

According to my daughter, our cat has "issues".
  As far as I can see the only issue it has is finding enough energy to crank open a single eye every once in a while so that she doesn't do herself damage as she stumbles blindly over to the food bowl. She doesn't even go out at night any more. Apparently eviscerating small rodents has also lost its appeal since I saw one saunter unashamedly past her in the garden yesterday as she tested the air to see if it was warm enough .
  Today something resembling a medium sized puma slunk into the house, eating all her food before cocking its leg on the sofa just to remind us of its visit. Tonight it fell from its usual sleeping position, naturally in the most awkward place in the house, halfway up the main staircase. As she landed in a pile of screeching fur she gave me a murderous glare before stumbling into the kitchen where she promptly fell asleep with her head in the water bowl.


  1. Interesting cat. Sounds like she's old.

  2. No, the lazy moggy is three years old.