Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Little Twist. Kindle publishing - day 1

I've done it. I finally got off my fat backside (well actually I got onto my fat backside) and spent twelve hours formatting my short story collection. Tonight I uploaded it to Kindle KDP.

   I previewed the book and it seemed okay, although I don't know if the font size I used to check it is the font size that the published edition will be in. All will be revealed in about twelve hours.

   After reducing it to 1.5 line spacing it shrank quite alarmingly to about one hundred and twenty pages, which is a lot less than the proof. But it's still fourteen stories and should give an indication of the mind that created them. I can always write more if people are interested.

   I decided to charge $ 0.99 for it since it isn't really a book of normal size.

  If all goes well I'll get an address to put in my blog tomorrow.

  And if it's any indication my wife thinks I'm certifiable, and likely to be struck down by God as well.

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  1. Now I know who to ask for help when I finally get my book out there.