Sunday, 8 April 2012

Freebie time over.

I had 320 free downloads yesterday of Thee Hoodies. It might have been more than that but my Kindle reports have changed overnight. I also had one real sale. I suppose he or she must have waited just too long. But what the hey, all royalties are good. I'm glad that so many people downloaded it.
   However since it is a bit of a niche, I hope I haven't used up all the people who might have bought it. Time will tell.

   I'm doing well with my last edit of Old Geezers. It should be on Kindle in a week or so, then I've decided to polish the only horror novel I've ever finished and put that up. It concerns an allegedly real African monster which is released upon and causes havoc over London. With lots of twists, with the biggest saved to the last page, I hope it will do well. I think the cover is the best I've ever painted.


  1. Hi Roger - I thought the comment you made on my 'birthday' post was the most poignant I have ever received. Thanks so much for leaving it.

    Congratulations on doing so well with the downloads. I genuinely would love to read your 'Three Hoodies' so I mean it when I say I'll buy a copy if you ever get it out in printed form (apologies for being so un-techyy!)

    I didn't realise that you painted your own covers as well! - this one of Tower Bridge is brilliant. Do you have a post that contains a collection of your artwork?

    - Sharon

  2. Thanks for your comments. I loved your pictures. I have all my paintings on Google Docs but it won't let me share them. You can see the order I painted from my start with matchstick men about two years ago.I know I'll never be good but I enjoy it and using GIMP it's all free.If I'm allowed to use all that space I'll post my pics in the next blog.

  3. Your horror book looks great. Knowing your style, it will be quite the read.