Friday, 6 April 2012

Time to move on.

I've ordered the new proof of my Hoodies book - and with expedited shipping, which means it might arrive before I reach my dotage.

   Now it's time to finish the final edit of my three Geezers novel. Although I'm toying with Rotten Old Codgers, or Stupid Old Codgers. And getting rid of the Gateway word. Perhaps I'll just call the next one whatever title I settle on followed by 2

Anyway, this will be the last(ish) edit. So begone foul passive verbs - a curse on your families!!


  1. Hey good luck with all of it! I took a self-pub workshop last year and it was great... talked about how it takes at least 3 years to see any kind of real sales, as long as you keep adding to your publications... i thought that was encouraging!

  2. Good luck on this book too. I'm sure it will do well. Still love your humor. I was quite interested in what PK said. That is good to know.

  3. The plague of books from my direction has only just begun. After Old geezers, or whatever I call it there are another three of each. Somewhere, still on floppy discs are another 11 completed novels.
    I know, I really ought to get out more.

    Over 300 downloads of Hoodies so far. It will be interested to see how many people download what is really a niche genre.

  4. Good luck with the new proof. Also- editing will hopefully go faster than expected. Congrats on having over 300 people download Hoodies. That is fantastic!


  5. It's almost 400 now and two in Germany. It would be nice to get even a fraction of those numbers when the free deal finishes tomorrow.