Sunday, 6 May 2012

CreateSpace saga continues.

I was forced, once more to upload yet another version of Old Geezers today. That was after them  telling me that it was fine yesterday. And telling me that it wasn't, today.

  So I did that and the program said that there were no further problems but then demanded, again, that I finish the cover which I've already finished three times. Now it won't let me. I think the technical term is buggered. I even tried doing it again on Internet Explorer, a package I detest and would never use under normal circumstances. It doesn't even work on that despite installing the newest version of Flash Player which it demands.

   Unless someone else calls them and agrees with me that it's not working, I'll have to find somewhere else to publish my book. I suppose it's always possible that they might fix it by tomorrow but as usual I'm not holding my breath.

  And another thing. After it approved the first version, I paid $25 for extended coverage and now that has mysteriously disappeared. I'll be damned if I'm paying it again.


  1. Sounds exhausting!

    I'm still working on the premise that if there are any 'flaws' in my copy of the Three Hoodies when I get it (like unintentional page numbering) that it is going to add greatly to the value of having a first edition one day when you are famous!

  2. I'm in the middle of proofing, too, though all my fixes are my own fault (the acknowledgement page, then I got it done and the intro page looked stupid and needed centered, then my brother informed me my cover was not centered (he was right)... etc etc.

    What do they say is wrong with your cover? Are you using cover creator or making your own pdf wrap around?

    1. They weren't saying anything. Cover Creator simply wasn't working. They seem to have fixed it now.

  3. Wow, you are a patient man. I could never have dealt with these things without some of my nastier emails on their way.