Monday, 28 May 2012

An entirely new kind of block

Just for a change I haven't got writer's block. My problem, this time, is what to write.

   I've published three books in the last few months and plan to publish one more within the next week or so. These aren't books I've just knocked off in a couple of months, but works I began over a decade ago. I've edited them all to within an inch of their lives. To the point where few of them vaguely resemble that which I originally began.

   All those years I was sending rafts of letters, queries and in one pathetic example a plea to agents and publishers. One agent demanded the entire manuscript of Hoodies One then promptly forgot about it for six months before sending it back obliterated by coffee stains and no letter.

   I once wrote a novel which apparently resembled 1984 by Orwell.  Even though I've never read anything by him, it was deemed impossible to publish without claims of plagiarism. I've also been accused by a few people of writing in a similar style to Terry Pratchett - that would be nice. Thus I've never read anything of his for the same reason.

   I have another 3 Three Hoodies novels, and another 3 Old Geezers' already finished and ready for editing. It would be a pity to waste all that effort. So I'm going to publish them, anyway.

   So what I've been forced to ask myself is this: Are my books written in a genre and style that nobody likes? Or are they just rubbish? With the exception of my good friend Donna Yates, nobody has ever given any of my books a review so I don't know which is true.

   The question as to whether I'll stop writing has never occurred to me. I can never stop. But is it, perhaps, time to write something that people actually like instead of trying to make people like what I write?

   The reading public don't owe me anything. So it's up to me to make them want to read what I write.


  1. You are an excellent writer. I think the majority of people don't do reviews because they're not writers and don't understand the importance of a good review.

  2. There's nothing wrong with what you've written. Your book is on my TBR list but right now with all the mayhem in my life, I haven't even posted a book review on a book I finally finished and I have yet to get back to my TBR list. This is a problem for me. Not to mention, my editor dying and trying to find a descent one that won't scam me out of money. Shit happens! Anyway, have you shared on Facebook about your books? Have you tried the FREE promo? Have you beta-read and critiqued for others? Because you need writers to read your books and do the reviews but you must repay in kind.

    And Donna is a wonderful, positive force.

    1. I have tried Facebook and free promos and gave away a healthy number.
      What I haven't tried yet is a read mine and I'll read yours. I hesitated because it seemed a little bloodless. But many people do it all the time and perhaps it's time to get off my high horse. Success isn't going to bash down my door. Although I have left it unlocked just in case it happens to be passing my way.

  3. Hey, Thanks for leaving a Comment on my book blog. under my lastest book review. I have to still write a review. I am still reading a book now. I have a few books to read and lots on TBR List on Goodreads and believe it not I am reading books that not on my TBR List yet..

    I hope you get what your looking for for your books for I did read your posts