Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I don't think it is paranoia.

If it's not the entire city of London, and then the RAF it's careless drivers. 

  On my way home tonight, I was cruising in the dark down a isolated a country lane on my bike when six people in silly shiny suits jumped out and tried to stop me. I ignored them. My street cred isn't that high anyway but to report that I'd been mugged by a group wearing Spandex would have left in in tatters. 

    Perhaps I should had waited, for there, around a blind bend was a fallen tree. Clearly I missed it because I'm writing this, but it was close.

  Nearly home by then I was on a wide fast road, still driving sedately as usual - yeah, right. I let a faster bike overtake me because I've got something that looks like a Harley and is about as wide as a truck.

  Five minutes later I had to stop, to see five cars scattered all over the road, and in the middle, upside down on a wide puddle of spilt diesel, the motorbike and the rider who was, thankfully, still alive.

  Of all the things to injure motorcyclists in England,the single largest cause of accidents is spilt diesel. Petrol is bad enough but diesel is the worst. You'd think that with the criminally high price we're paying for fuel in this country, people would seal their tanks. 

    I'm really beginning to believe it. They're all out to get me.


  1. Actually, it sounds like these things stopped you from being involved in the accident.

  2. You're right, but half full half empty. You can guess the category I fall under.

  3. I agree with Kelly here. The Fates were with you, my friend. Ugh. Spandex. Why?

    1. They were cyclists doing their good deed of the day. But I wouldn't have stopped for a squadron of tanks. Country lane, good bike, yours truly. No, I wouldn't have stopped for anything. I did once and it wasn't pretty. I still have nightmares about the sharpened screwdriver.

  4. I'm glad you're OK Roger. I agree with Kelly and Donna someone was looking after you today.

  5. Thank you. I'm resting the bike today. It's still quivering from yesterday when the truck almost ran me down and then reversed in an attempt to finish the job.

  6. I'd say someone's looking out for you. Glad you made it safely!