Friday, 22 June 2012

Thank goodness for beta readers.

Donna, of who is kindly reading my new novel even though she hates horror, found something vital yesterday. I don't know how I missed it but she didn't. If I had published it like that everyone else would have noticed and probably thrown the book away there and then.

  There's nothing  guaranteed to ruin a novel more than a stupid mistake. I hope she doesn't find any more but then that is why she's doing it for me.

   It should be ready in a week or so - I may have said that before. Then I can get back to Hoodies 2 which is waiting impatiently for me to finish.

   I've decided to put Old Geezers to bed for a few years; perhaps permanently. I really don't want to be seen a multi-genre writer. It might work for some but I like writing the Hoodies novels and if I'm to get any kind of following then I'd better stick to one thing.


  1. Thank you for posting my blog address. I think you would have caught it too. I haven't even read Old Geezers yet. I still have to do that.

  2. Hope you do. I like it but maybe it's just one too many genres.