Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Rain and the Olympics.

From what I hear from other writers, they get little of no help from their families. Now I don't want to diss the families of every writer in the world so if I'm wrong, then I apologise.
   Daddy's got a little hobby - let's leave him to it and only disturb him when there's something annoying to do like painting the kitchen again because my wife, who made me paint it last year when I was trying to irritate her by painting on my day off, suddenly decided that it was just the wrong shade of puce.

   I got some more editing done today whilst I was supposed to be working. My own computer is making noises like an asthmatic walrus, not that I've ever heard the aforementioned creature, but I bet it would be just like that. I've been using n android tablet with a kind of word processing package that evidently saves as a Word Doc. Don't believe it. I may as well have scribbled it down on a wall and then traced the words onto a notebook before typing the whole thing all over again.

   It's raining, the Olympics has buggered everything up and I'm bored. I can't go outside for fear of being run down by hurtling racing bikes, or hurtling sports viewers heading away from all the empty seats, who unlike in America, don't get them for free but have to watch it on TV after being refused tickets in the first place for fear of upsetting the Olympic committee, who wouldn't care because they're safely ensconced in their Zill lanes that we have to pay a £150 fine for even straying near.

I'm fed up with the snow. Here's where my mind is taking me tomorrow.


  1. Ok. I like this one best. Hot sun, warm water, calmness flooding you.
    I saw a blurb on how upset people were that they couldn't get the free seats. Whose dumb idea was that?
    I think all our families think we have a little hobby until they need us...

  2. I'm not a great fan of the sun but I could sit there with a cold Coke for a few hours.
    They've filled the seats with soldiers who don't want to be there, anyway.
    And yes. Could I weed the patio today? It's not as if I've got anything to do, is it. It's raining again, but as my dear wife says, I've got a coat.

  3. Now this one is lovely! I've liked all your other paintings but the colour and serenity of this one is fabulous. I had to look closer and decided its an infinity pool with 2 people (am I right?) I could go there right now - better than weeding any day.

  4. Thank you very much. I didn't know it was called an infinity pool.
    The problem with it is that it was one of my very early ones when I was just learning how to paint, and I hadn't learnt enough to paint in 32 bit colour. That one was in 16 bit and that's why it's a bit weird. I would like to be there, though.

  5. I think it looks lovely, though I'd wish to make it a bit overcast as I sunburn easy ;)

    My hubby has gotten past the "interrupt the wife's hobby" stage now that I get paid for it occasionally. Plus he likes me to leave him alone with his hobbies, and that gets rid of me ;) Other people however... not so much.

  6. I once hinted that I'd received a bite from an agent. That worded for about a week until: 'This agent is worth more than your actual wife, is he? Well let him wash your underwear.' The subject never came up again.