Thursday, 2 August 2012

Editing like mad

Finally got back to more editing today - after wading through the enormous car park that London has become. Talk about medals, all we drivers should be receiving gold medals for the nonsense we've had to put up with for months, and presumably as many more to come. Anyway, enough of that.

   I managed two chapters today. One of them was pretty good and required less than an hour to get right, or at least my version of right. However, I've noticed the beginnings of a bad mistake towards the end. I actually paved the way for this mistake myself by leaving one plot line in, just in case I couldn't think of anything else. Then I thought of something else, even better, but forgot to remove the old. So I either have to fix it at the convergence or completely re-write quite a large part of the novel. Call me lazy but I've opted for the first plan.

   It's all going well, though and I hope to be finished soon. But not quite yet because I have already begun reformatting Hoodies 1 for smashwords. I won't make the mistake I've heard about in some blogs and upload it before the 22nd of august. In fact I'm going to wait until the 23rd to be sure. I've no idea what state smashwords lives in so I'm giving it a whole day to account for time differentials.

   I've had enough of sun and snow so tomorrow I'm going to the moon. At least there aren't any speed bumps or traffic wardens. Won't be a lot of atmosphere, though.

   Sorry that was a very old and bad joke.


  1. As far as medals, only if they're real gold.
    Congrats on the editing - such a tough thing after writing the book.

  2. Yes, writing the book was the easy part. It's everything that comes after which is a pain in the...