Thursday, 23 August 2012

And I thought it was going to be hard.

After all that faffing about with CreateSpace, I entered the new version of Three Hoodies 1 into smashwords. I had expected all sorts of problems since the web is full of tales about their software. But to my surprise smashwoards accepted, and inserted Hoodies into their premium catalogue within 36 hrs. Bonus.

   I haven't heard anything from the boys at Amazon. I hope I don't because I did it properly by giving them notice and waiting until the day they said I could go. Or at least sell in in other markets while still using them.

   Now with about ten outlets , if you include all of smashwords' I'll get on again with Hoodies 2. Donna Yates is reading it at the moment and to my horror has already found about ten mistakes. Then, again, that is why she's reading it.

  But even when she's finished it, never again am I going to let people down by uploading something with mistakes. I'm going to go over it twice more. The first time from the beginning and the second, as Norma Beishir suggested from the end going backwards.

    I have also found out that (apparently) when you delete something from a Kindle and then download it again, you will always get the original copy unless you drop Amazon an email asking for the new version.

   So if anyone bought Three Hoodies and were, like me disappointed/appalled by the typos, a little note to Amazon after you've deleted it should bring back the new version once you download it again.

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  1. Ya gotta love Amazon. I'm glad smashwords worked so well.