Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ya Hey!!

Last night I uploaded Kongomato to CreateSpace even though the software said it wouldn't print. By this time I didn't care any more and had decided to take their sniggers of scorn as my final hint. I was going to forget all about printed versions from now on.

   It came back today and it's fine. I don't know or care why. Now that I've gone over it for the umpteenth time and with Donna and Barbara's help it's better than it was before and hopefully an enjoyable read for other people, too. But more to the point good value for someone who actually parts with money to buy it.

   I had no intention of ever writing a sequel. I was content to make it my one and only horror novel. However there has been some demand for a sequel. I didn't want to but then, much against my better judgement, a plot began gnawing at my vitals. Why not, I thought. The opportunity to swear and write in gruesome detail doesn't come often in the genre of books that I write. So I've begun another.


  1. This has been quite an epic struggle - congratulations on getting it to work in the end! Isn't it great there is already a demand for a sequel! (If the plot is there let it gnaw its way out!)

  2. It has indeed. But as for the plot, it feels like it's tearing its way out.

  3. Congratulations Roger! I can't wait for the sequel. I knew you had more to tell!

  4. I've just thought of a hook - or should that be a claw?

  5. Good luck with this version. I hope people see it and recognize the value of a great sci-fi read. I loved it!