Monday, 13 August 2012

I think I'm cursed.

Having finished Three Hoodies 2, I decided to flick through Three Hoodies 1 which I'll try to give away once more before I upload the next instalment.
   Even after countless edits and re-writes, I was appalled to find a mistake on the first page. Ploughing on, convinced that it would be the only one, I found more on the second, and the third. To my horror there are so many errors, it looks like I never edited it at all. I just can't believe how I let them slip though.
So I've started again.

   I decided that before my final deadline of the 21st of August when I also upload to smashwords, I'm going to re-edit it again and upload it to Kindle. People have bought this book. I owe it to them to give them a clean copy.

  As I understand it, anything bought legitimately from Amazon for Kindle can be re-downloaded for nothing. 

   I'll have to get a move on; there isn't much time. And to those of you who bought Three Hoodies 1, I humbly apologise and invite you, if you'll trust me, to download again the next version which will be clean.

   I will never let this happen again.


  1. This is the perfect example of how falling behind can work out! I have Three Hoodies 1 on my Kindle and have been looking forward to reading it- but I have had a million books to get through. It just came time for me to start your book, as I finished a book last night and your book was next. BUT- now I will wait for the cleaner copy (see, I won't even know about the typos). Yeah! It works for both of us. :) I believe you are right about Kindle downloading the new versions for free. Good luck! Typos and minor edits can be so darn tricky. Best of luck!
    ~Stephanie @ The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow

    1. Thank you for being patient. I sat up all night and after nearly half of it I've found twenty three mistakes. They're tailing off now but I'm still appalled. I believe I'll go through Hoodies 2 another time just to make sure.

  2. Oh, Roger, I'm so sorry. And I helped you edit this one. Shows how good I am at editing! Sometimes I think when they get uploaded, mistakes happen. Perhaps you just have gremlins in your keyboard.
    I can imagine how frustrating this must be. Still, you are a brilliant story-teller. Wishing you good luck on yet another edit. Ugh! Poor you.

    1. Ultimately it's up to me to get it right, but had it not been for you there would have been plenty more.
      I've withdrawn the paperback edition from sale. I'll upload it again only after I'm completely satisfied. This is probably the only time I'll be glad nobody bought the paperback.