Monday, 13 August 2012

Finally finished Mark 2

It's done. Three Hoodies 2 is over. Well at least it's over until the ever patient Donna who has enough to do writing her excellent blog
has gone over it for me. 

    This is what I was doing yesterday when I should have been writing. I know, I should have stuck to writing. Perhaps I'll have time to finish it while I wait for the verdict.

   I'll also have to go and buy a new keyboard. This one hasn't done too badly. It lasted almost two months. It's a good job they only cost me £5. Or maybe their price is the reason for their short life. My wife has threatened to emasculate me a few times for pounding on the keyboard throughout the night. I don't know what she means; my touch is an angels kiss.


  1. I like the composition of the picture but it needs something. I think I preferred the grey misty trees in your last painting - they had great form and shape - this definitely has potential though - I'd like to see how it ends up.

    I'm afraid I also get banished to my study by my better half. Sometimes I try to pretend I'm being sociable by sitting in the same room but the sound of the keyboard drives him nuts!

  2. Thanks. I'm just going to file this picture as a mistake. There are quite a lot now in my pictures folder.

    It's funny how our other halves can't quite seem to understand our driving need. But even when I do go or she throws me out, she still demands to know why, an hour later, I'm being so ignorant. I just can't win.

  3. Roger, you are not supposed to win, you are supposed to woo at that point. My husband just sees he never sees me anymore, as our computers are in separate rooms. At least he can't hear me typing or talking to myself.
    Thank you for the mention again. You are very kind and it has been my extreme pleasure to meet such a kind person and exceptional writer. I enjoy reading through your works. They're, well, brilliant.