Sunday, 5 August 2012

Things I'd rather not do.

With a little imagination I could probably compile a lengthy list of things I'd rather not do. At the apex, or should that be pinnacle, would be the thing I've been ranting on about for weeks.

   I just spent six hours at the bl**** Olympics. It was as bad as I thought. I had no choice, it's my job. But for sheer boredom I could probably not compile any list that was worse. Is it ever going to be over? Have I died without noticing and this is hell? Yet everyone one of the other 50,0000000 people seemed to be having a good time. Maybe it's just me shouting pointlessly like Canute at the advancing waves.
   So tomorrow it's back to editing. Some people might find that boring but not me. Maybe I should get out more and discover a life, but if that life requires me to sit in a crowded arena surrounded by so much noise I can't even hear myself think, paying criminally high prices for food since the sponsors have arranged that we can't take in more than a mouse would leave behind and then spend hours getting back on roads that weren't designed to support twenty cars per square inch, I'll just stick with the one I have.

   Here's where I'm going tomorrow. There aren't a lot of palm trees in London but when I find them, it's me and a six pack. Can't wait.


  1. Very nice - its got great perspective - I was curious to see it as soon as I spotted the thumbnail in my reading list.

    I've enjoyed the bit of the Olympics I've watched but then I prefer to see something like that on Tv. I know the atmosphere is supposed to be the thing but then I also hate crowds!

  2. At least on TV you can switch it off when you get bored, which in my case would be about a microsecond after I'd switched it on. This was my first attempt at a lens flare. It probably would have worked better if I'd put it in the correct place.

  3. Our trip to the Olympics is on Friday. I'm dreading getting there and back, and the sporty bit in the middle, but I'm looking forward to seeing the Olympic village and boasting about it afterwards!
    Given the choice I would probably rather sit under a palm tree with a glass of wine and a waiter with a six pack!

    1. I've got a six pack. Unfortunately it's in my hand. On the plus side it's just dripping and begging to be drunk.

  4. Palm trees in London? I wouldn't have thought that. Well, watching on TV is different because you can walk away or turn it off. I surely wouldn't want to brave the traffic and the crowds. As for the palm trees, as long as they don't have any coconuts hanging there, I'd be napping.
    Good luck with your editing.

    1. There are a few palm trees in southern London. The temperature there seems to suit them.
      And the traffic, strangely, is fine. The various boroughs spent so much time scaring people off that it's worked. So much so that the Zill lanes have become redundant and have been largely open.
      got through 100 pages tomorrow. I'll do some more tomorrow.