Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Different endings.

If I had thought for even a moment that I would be writing a sequel to Kongamato I would have ended it differently. Now, 13000 words in to number two it's becoming increasingly difficult to bind the second with the first. 

   The cheaters and losers way out would be to go back and change the ending of number one but after all the stress and trauma involved in uploading the new and hopefully error free version of number one. I can't face it. Even though CreateSpace have finally agreed that they have the new version, for some reason, a company that can prepare the first book for sale in four days, cannot do the same with the edited version for eight weeks.

   Therefore, I will not change the first one. Besides, the people who bought it would be furious and it wouldn't be right. So it's up to me, the alleged writer, to do something about it.

   I will not be thwarted. Actually I've been thwarted many times - but not this time. I am determined to make book 2 better than  book one. And keeping in mind the tiniest chance that there might be a book three, I shall leave the ending at an appropriate juncture.



  1. You just made my day - not one but two books to look forward to!

  2. And my fertile, not to say sick mind, has come up with an even more bizarre and horrible monster for a new series.

  3. Ahh, isn't writing stories fun and relaxing?