Monday, 17 September 2012

My daughter the star.

My daughter found herself in another music video. She's appears only briefly and would probably slaughter me while I slept if I identified her.

   However, being in it was not the point; she did most of the make-up, which is what she wants to do when she finishes the university course for that. What she actually wants to do is create zombies and werewolves with all that latex. But first things first.

   Have a look. It might take a couple of runs before you realise how they filmed it. What a day. I never realised how many takes it took to get something right.


  1. How exciting! Of course now I'm very intrigued to know what part of the clip your daughter is in.

    Its very clever filming it like they did so it can be played backwards. It reminds me of how we used to mess around with movie reels in the olden days (and fall about with laughter watching people take food out of their mouths instead of eating.)

  2. Can't say. Her street cred' won't allow her to be identified. No, I don't understand it either.
    But she can't stop me cheating since she's already done one in which she plays the central part.

    And no, I didn't understand that one, either.

  3. I like the song. Looks like they ran a lot of it backwards. Ingenious. Not sure I identified your daughter though. But good for her.

    1. All of it. In fact they ran it so many times, I didn't recognise it the first time I heard it the correct way round.

  4. catchy song and the robot is epic. I am following the cheating link so i can see if i can identify her, LOL!

    street cred!?! wow. i'd be telling everyone - "look at this! I'm in a video!"

  5. She's happy with the first one, since she met a German a few weeks ago and he said: "Wow. You're the girl in the OMD video. She smirked for a week.