Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cyber Monday

Joleene Naylor has just come up with a(nother) good idea. It's called Cyber Monday where everyone with a novel on Amazon puts the price down to at least $2.99 or less for a few days, enabling people to buy the books for less than the price of a sandwich.

    It's a lot less than a sandwich in London since the average sarny here costs more than the national debts of a quite a few small countries.

   Here's a link to the list of novels: List  

Here's hoping a lot of you join in. Joleene's done a lot of work for this. She's a star.


  1. Joleene does come up with the most amazing ideas! Hope this produces good results for all of you.

  2. Nice. Hope we all have a lot of hits.

  3. Awesome post, Roger! Here's hoping lots of people rush to buy some amazingly awesome deals!

    1. Yes, some people (inc me) need all the publicity they can get. The problem is, there are just so many of us now. Thanks for doing it.

  4. I'm not mad about books but Cyber Monday is an absolutely brilliant idea. It just makes things easier if someone has a budget to keep to, and it's come at a time when people are looking to buy gifts for the season.
    I do hope you continue to promote this idea everywhere - schools, colleges, universities, blog forums, book-shops, market places that specialise in books, the list is endless, as I feel it has a potential to become big.

    You're right about the cost of sandwiches round here :)

  5. You're right and between us we should be able to host this on more occasions. Sometimes, when I'm absolutely famished I consider eating at the big golden M but I'll never be that hungry.