Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Next Big Thing Hop.

Both Donna Yates and I were tagged for the Next Big Thing Hop. I am proud to have been selected by both Joleene Naylor and Sharon Souter

   But just to be different Donna and I decided to put our questions on each other's blogs.

   Here are Donna's and mine can be found here Believeinyourself

   I was supposed to post this on the 21st, but I'm beginning two days solid work in a couple of hours so I have to do it early. I'd like to thank both Joleene and Sharon for nominating me.

   I’ve been tagged for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop by Steve Evans, http://steveevans23.wordpress.com/ and by Sharon Souter, http://sharonssunlitmemories.blogspot.com/
I want to thank them both for including me in this fun hop. Here are the questions and my answers:

What is the working title of your book?
The Lone Hero
Where did the idea come from?
From my novel Always.

What is the genre?
Fantasy/new age/spiritual/romance.

What actors would you choose for a film version?
For young Einarr, I’d choose Taylor Lautner, for the older Einarr, I’d choose Hugh Jackman.

A one-sentence synopsis…
Four are chosen to aid in a war amongst the Great Ones, but not all will survive.

Will it be self-published?
Absolutely. I love the self-publishing route.

How long did it take to write the first draft?
This is the 2nd in the Always series, so I’ve really just started mapping it out and writing bits and pieces as they come to me.

What other books in your genre would you compare this one with?
This book will relate to one other, which will come out later. Most my books will center around the eternal beings - Einarr, Katura, Paulos, and Jenniere.

Who or what inspired you to write this one?
My first novel Always is the inspiration. This novel, The Lone Hero takes us to the very beginning of Einarr’s time, how he meets his friends Katura, Paulos, and Jenniere. It is Einarr’s first mortal mission on a planet, but not Earth.

What would pique the reader’s interest?
Not wanting to give much of the plot away yet, I can only say that readers will follow Einarr who has been chosen to fight with the Great Ones. I don’t want to identify the Great Ones yet, but he will have a lot to learn and he must prove himself as the strong being that he is. The book will be much more fantasy than the 1st one.

Now to choose authors to continue the hop:
Marissa Meissa
Beth Muscat
Eve Gaal
Tricia Drammeh
Sallie Lundy-frommer


  1. ha ha! that was fun! Off to check Donna's blog now! :D

  2. The two of you came up with a great idea swapping answers on each other's blogs! I enjoyed reading more about your Kongomato series on Donna's blog and now about Donna's next book here. I was wondering how she planned to follow on from Always so it was great to get an introduction to 'The Lone Hero'. I really enjoyed this blog hop. Three cheers to Joleene for being the first one to start it off!

    1. I hope people didn't think it was a bit weird. If they did it was my fault because I thought of it.

  3. Roger, I thought your idea was great fun and I enjoyed your guest post and guest posting on your blog.

  4. I love that you guys posted on each other's blogs. I enjoyed learning about Donna's book and now I'm headed to her blog to hear about yours. :)

  5. We might try it again when something comes up.I hope you enjoy reading it. There's not one single gory word - apart from the word gory, but that doesn't count.