Monday, 5 November 2012

New router arrived

My new router arrived this morning; an actual Monday. The poor woman must have posted it about a micro second after talking to me. To say I was impressed is a major understatement. I was even in when the postman arrived or I wouldn't have got it for about another week.

   Within fifteen minutes I'd got it unpacked, my fingers feverishly shaking with happy expectations.

   I didn't work. Was I surprised? Only a little. Getting into trouble in this country is a piece of cake. An army of people are primed and ready to do you in at a moment's notice. But actually getting something right, the first time and on command, yeah right. I should have known better. So it's back to the old modem for some unknown period of time. Just wait til I get on the phone tomorrow.


  1. How horribly frustrating for you!

    I'm sure things used to be a lot more reliable and actually work first time round in the old days - or am I just starting to sound like my grandmother!

  2. I've fixed it now. and you're right, things did work better years ago. I still have a 286 computer and it works perfectly.

  3. So typical. Why don't they ever work? Just amazing. Well, hope you don't have to wait long for the replacement.

  4. I downloaded the drivers on my old modem. Wait for them and I'll wait forever.