Friday, 9 November 2012

Time for another freebie.

I wasn't going to do this because it doesn't help sales - at least for me. However, since I think I may give the three hoodies a perhaps permanent rest in favour of some more grown up style fiction, I'm giving Three Hoodies Save the world 2 away on Sunday for free. I'm proud of it and think it's my best yet. What other people think is just as important so I have to bow to the inevitable. If people aren't interested, then I might as well write something else.

  You can find it here on Amazon US

  And here on Amazon UK

   After Kongomato 2 and 3 I'm going to restart my Book of Pain novel. I've been messing about with it for a couple of years. I think it could be good when I finish it. It also has the bonus of being in a genre that is easily recognisable. And to be honest I kind of enjoyed ripping people to bits like I did with Kongomato 1. That probably says something for my strange mind, but at least it was only on paper.

   I'm still hopeful that Hoodies 1 will receive some attention in the Harper Collins competition but even if it doesn't, writing is my foremost passion. People reading them would be nice, too but I'll still keep writing.


  1. Brilliant! I'll be over for my copy tomorrow. I think its a good idea to have freebies like this as it gives you great exposure. Hope the Harper Collins competition brings you some results!

  2. i hope you enjoy it. I must have edited it about fifty times. so I think all the mistakes are out.

  3. Thanks so much! A new horror story? I bet it's great!

  4. I'm ankle deep in blood as we speak - metaphorically.

  5. First thing I thought of when I saw Book of Pain was Count Rugen. So tell me, do you have a mchine like his to help you write your book? :)

  6. Now I've never heard of him and I'm interested. I'm going to Google it right now.
    In any event, it's just my rather sick mind that prompts me to write the horror stories.
    There are a couple in my Little Twist collection that made my wife gag. My work was well done there.