Monday, 12 November 2012

Word Kaptcha

For all the time I've been doing this, I never knew my blog had that word verification thingy for comments. In fact I only looked after Pk Hrezo's excellent post on this very subject.

   Maybe it's just my eyes but I always get it wrong and have to do it at least three times before finally getting it right. After that it becomes a matter of principle. So for all of you who use it, then good luck but I've turned it off.

   And I gave it a serious frown to display my anger. That'll teach it.


  1. I bet that frown got to it too. To do or not to do, that is the question.

  2. lol. That'll learn'em.

    I think most bloggers who use it don't realize it's on. I'm so glad yours is off now so commenting will be so much easier. :D Thanks for that!

  3. I've got mine turned off. It's a frustrating tool b/c more times than not I can't read them either.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. I never understood the logic of those things. If I get them wrong (which I often do) does that mean I'm a robot? I don't want to be a robot!

  5. Its frustrating and annoying to use - but I tend to get bombarded with so much spam when I turn it off that I spend far more time than I can afford deleting spam comments. I know the alternative is comment moderation but I think I like the idea of that less - its nicer to see a comment straight away and comment moderation sounds as time consuming to me as deleting spam comments. What I tend to do now is switch it off and on - off just after I've posted something and back on a few days later (as I usually only post once a week!)

  6. I totally agree Roger. It takes me at least 3 times every time and dampens my mood!

    I love it when we agree on things!



  7. Thanks for all your comments. I just blindly stride out without looking. Just like today in Oxford Street in central London. I nearly became a hood ornament for a London bus. I gave that a nasty frown and received a raised middle finger in return. I'll keep the verification thingy off and see how it goes.

  8. YAY!!!!! No more captchas!! I hate those things - like you I always get them wrong and often give up.

  9. Maybe we've begun a trend. If so it'll be the first time in my life.