Sunday, 24 February 2013

Giveaway aftermath

Given the foolishly short time I made my books free, quite a few people took advantage. I hope they, (A), read then, and (B) enjoy.

   The only problem with announcing that books are the first in their respective series' is that I actually have to write those series', if only for my own satisfaction.

   Three Hoodies 2 is clearly finished since it's on sale. Old Geezers 2 is half finished and 3 is entirely finished if only in my head. Yes, I know, unless I can find a surgical USB, that's where it'll stay unless I start typing.

    Kongomato 2 is two thirds of the way through and Kongomato 3 is taking shape quite nicely, once again within the confines of my rather dense skull.

    It's just that my newest novel The Book of Pain has been percolating away for almost a decade and I have to do it. I'm almost half way through that now. My hero has reached the early nineteenth century intact. His mind is irrevocably altered and his attempts to come to terms with the new century are almost as difficult as my own to write it. I wonder how he'll cope with text-speke when he finally arrives in the present. I barely understand that myself.

   Attempting to retain fear in a man who cannot die has been difficult, but interesting. I like a challenge


  1. I just can't wait to read 'The Book of Pain', 'Three Hoodies 3', 'Kongomato 2' and 'Old Geezers'.
    Write, Roger, write. I love your works.