Saturday, 23 March 2013

I worked 25 hours yesterday.

I know you can't, technically, work 25 hours in a day but about 2am this morning my watch decided to go west and tell me it was the same time for two hours running. Just at the same time, incidentally, as my tablet which contains two days writing, since I seem to spend my entire life in my car these days, hiccuped and lost all my work.

   Somewhere between the netherworld that is central London and the ether of cyberspace my work, uploaded via gmail, got hijacked. It might still come to my computer, just exhausted and pausing for breath from one of the myriad servers around the world, although I'm not holding my breath. Luckily, because I lost it earlier and had to write it all again, I memorised the words so I shouldn't have too much trouble typing it for a third time - which I'm determined to do even if a satellite with decaying orbit decides to fall on my head.

   My initial burst of sales on smashwords has tailed off. I'm hoping to get them going again. I haven't sold a thing on amazon for over a month. It might be, of course that my writing just isn't up to the mark; and although I'm no Tolstoy or whoever you favourite classic author is, my work is coming on on.

   I tried a very well known audio typing software a while ago. The one that just types what you say. It works well after you've taught it your voice but mine has a slight problem.

   As I always build my own computer and this current one is positively prehistoric, which is to say I built it almost six months ago, the fan has begun making a  noise. I turned on aforementioned software a few days ago and left it to make a cup of tea. On my return the screen; in fact about twenty pages of my new document were filled with one word: WOMB, WOMB WOMB, etc etc. The software even spelt it correctly. Apparently the drone of my fan is a little loud. I'll have to squirt it with oil or something.


  1. Hope your sales get better. Know what you mean. I'm researching my mistakes in promoting my book. I'll know what not to do next time.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. My problem is that I'm trying to become known without annoying people and swamping the net. It's a fine line. I hope both of our sales improve.

  3. omg, I'm so sorry. No wonder some people still hand-write. As for the speech recognition, mine has trouble with my 's'. It keeps putting 'th' 'f' 'v' 'st' 'z'. Zigh.

  4. Know what you mean. My west midlands accent defeats it entirely.

  5. If it’s any consolation Roger sales of any books are slow. A couple of years ago, I was up to my ears in orders, now I’m lucky if they get as high as my ankles! I belong to several book selling organisations, and everyone is saying the same thing, no money = no orders. It has nothing whatever to do with the quality of your writing, which is excellent!

  6. Thank you for saying so; I do appreciate it.
    Last week I lurked around in a well known book store in London during my lunch hour. Although plenty of people were there, nobody actually seemed to be buying anything.


    i have always wanted to try those programs but been squeamish as I feel silly talking outloud like that.

  8. They work quite well provided no one, or sound can be heard for about five miles. The best of the lot is Dragon Voice.
    It even picked up my cat demanding its dinner, so if you've a sound proofed room and a completely silent computer then it's for you.