Friday, 30 August 2013

According to my beloved daughter, horses can't vomit.

Well I'm here to tell you that they can - or at least hers can, and guess who over, or more grammatically, over whom?

   You guessed it.

   I think her nag was injected through a strange wormhole, unfortunately a one-way job. I could never think up stuff like this and I love SF.

   And if that were not bad enough, it took me four hours to drive from London to London Heathrow and back this afternoon. I could have walked the 38 miles faster. I think every suicidal lunatic on the planet congregated, all just waiting and giggling for me to leave. I'll bet they're down the pub now clinking glasses at how they made me fume and bite the steering wheel while apparently every driver on London forgot that we drive on the left. Except me. Maybe I missed the change in the law that must have happened in the single hour of sleep I had last night.

   Have I missed anything? No, I don't think so. Oh, yes, I downloaded the Blogger app on my tablet yesterday - whilst caught in an eternal traffic jam in Park Lane. It doesn't work. Well it does but I can only see one word per page. If I read an entire ranting blog of my own it would take about thirty years.

   OK, whining over. I did manage to paint something  today and I finally finished something I've been working on for ages - a three-d Word Search, complete with perspective shift. Now if anyone tells me that it already exists I'm going to throw myself under the nearest horse.

   Not the best thing I've ever done but not bad for a free app.

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  1. Wish I could paint like you do. Very nice. Said to hear about the blogger problem. I've never had the patience to download it on my tablet. I think the horse was just trying to, um, show you affection.