Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Getting it off my chest.

Continuing and ending my self-flagellation, in addition to the woeful things I did but should not have, here is an equally heinous list of my neglect.

1.       Shackle that Land rover to the deck; it’s calm now but things change quickly.”  My assigned vehicle (Gladys) now rests somewhere at the bottom of the North Atlantic.

2.     “Don’t forget to lock the aircraft or snakes can get in, and the pilots don’t want to find one at eight thousand feet.”

3.     “Take some extra diesel for the truck; there’s no garage for six hundred miles."

4.     “Are you sure you brought in all those cases of beer? It’s going to drop well below minus thirty degrees tonight."

5.     “Even though there’s little or no tide in the Mediterranean, don’t forget to tie up the boat when you get out. Do you promise?”

6.     “You won’t forget to feed the cat before you go away boozing with you friends for the weekend?”

7.     “Did you book the train ticket for my mum?”

8.    “You promise you won’t forget to put away your boss’s Maserati tonight.”

9.     “Please don’t leave the cat and the budgie together.”

10.   “Make sure you know where the cat is before you start varnishing the bathroom floor. (heh heh)


  1. That last one is super important. lol

  2. It was, and I would have paid to see it. I would actually pay to see it again. Talk about spit and fury.

  3. Roger, you are so funny. My favorite is don't leave the cat and the budgie in the same room together. It only makes sense. Those budgies can be very mean, you know.