Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Complex excuses from Amazon

After changing my royalties payment procedure with Amazon I received a massive payment from Amazon UK (I wish), about four days later. I then wrote a polite letter to Amazon US enquiring when I might be paid by them. The next day I received this:


I see that you have changed your payment method and currency from Check in USD 
to EFT in GBP in Amazon.com.

When updates are made to your payment details, they will only apply to royalties 
collected after the change has been made. 

As you currently have royalty earnings that are under the payment threshold, we 
have requested a one-time exception to pay these royalties according to the 
current currency and payment method selected i.e. EFT in GBP. This process may 
take up to 15 business days as it involves complex process and approvals 
(currency conversion). 

You can expect this payment to be paid out to your bank account in the last week 
of January, 2014.

I hope this helps. Thanks for using Amazon KDP.

    What kind of financial genius does it require to check the computer for my total sales, deduct their cut and that of the IRS then send me a transfer minus their banker's fee?

    It wouldn't be because they're all partying on the fat profit they're making from us and don't have anybody sober enough at this time of year to devote the almost five minutes required to calculate the pitiful amount they owe me. For everybody else owed money by Amazon, I wish you luck.

    Next year I'm actually going to begin the process of telling the world that I exist and perhaps selling some of the books I've spent so long writing.

    And to everybody, have a happy and prosperous new year.


  1. Selling anything on Amazon is a flipping nightmare! I have around 1800 individual books listed there at the moment so I can sympathise with you. I also have to contend with the seller rating system. Do you have that? At the moment, my seller rating is 100% (excellent), but it takes three pages for them to tell me so! It will almost be a good thing when the rating drops a little (not too much!) because I’m terrified something will go wrong every time I get an order!

  2. I've never heard of the seller rating. I'll have to check it out. Your 1800 makes my 5 titles look pathetic but I'm writing hard and should be somewhere near you about 2115.

    1. Ah yes but I don't have to write any of them - I just sell them (or try to!!)

  3. lol, gotta love Amazon for complicating the uncomplicated. Like you though, I must get off my duff and start promoting my works. It's on my list for next year. Love the change to the site.

  4. Thanks. The only thing is it takes so long to load now. Perhaps it's because of what we in the UK call broadband. I could write faster.