Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday night - exhausted beyond repair.

I've finished 120 pages of my re-re-re-re edit of Three Hoodies 1.

   The good news: I've only found 4 (yes I know even four is awful) errors, but my style of writing has changed so much over the last couple of years that I find myself re-writing the entire book. Nothing substantial has changed. The plot remains the same, but where I got the idea that two people can talk in the same paragraph, bad enough on it's own, but even worse if they're not identified, I'll never know.

   I'll have it finished by the end of the week then knowing Amazon, in about two weeks anyone who spent money, or even got it free can download the new version for nothing.

I'm appalled that I let it go out like that but then we can't spend the rest of our lives second guessing ourselves. On that basis I'd spend the rest of my life not writing but re-writing everything I ever wrote time and again. 

   Not a bad thing some might say but my work was the best I could do - at the time of writing. 

   My biggest mistake was formatting it the same way for both Amazon and smashwords when S/W have a different set of requirements. This time, Amazon's copy will be for them and S/W's version the way they prefer it.

   Things might have gone more smoothly this afternoon were it not  for my daughter's pony being fitted with it's new winter coat and, according to my daughter, would have just died had I not been there to applaud, but not before I had to struggle, knee deep immersed in freezing equine waste. Oh joy.


  1. and I bet the pony appreciated it. I'd expect a valentine card from him.
    As for your book, it's so true that the more we write, the more we hone our styles. There's nothing like re-re-re-re-re-writing to make us go bald.

  2. You're so,so,so,so, right.
    I'll get nothing from the pony; he's too busy schmoozing the giant mare in the next field.

  3. It just shows how much your writing is coming on Roger. I don’t know how you have the patience, but I applaud you for it. I hope the pony is on nice high ground somewhere.

  4. Thanks, Barbara. I hope it's coming on. I've nearly finished it now and I'll be able to return to the other three novels I foolishly began at the same time. Never again.
    As for the horse, don't get me started.