Saturday, 8 February 2014

Another review.

Someone very kindly wrote a review for my Three Hoodies 1 novel the other day.
    I was very grateful. He said that he enjoyed it but there were mistakes and now, after almost a year of plucking up the courage to re-visit it, I'm about to begin yet another edit. I need courage because I thought I'd finally found all the mistakes but didn't want to look in case I'd make a pigs ear of it.

    Well even if I have, I'm doing it. So Old Geezers 2 will have to wait until I've finished.

   I'm hoping it's just a few minor errors because I edited that book almost into oblivion. Although I've finished Hoodies 3 I'm not going to publish it, yet there are people who paid money for Hoodies 1 and I owe it to them to upload a clean copy that they might download it.

    Starting now. Here goes.


  1. Sigh. Are there any books without errors?

  2. If you're like me you'll never get them all

    1. This time I will even if it kills me - and it just might.