Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Ink-Slingers-League

Here's the annual Ink Slingers (button on left) Valentines re-tweet event. Why not join?

I've copied Joleene Naylor's entry because I'm absolute rubbish at inserting these myself.

The Inkslingers Sweet Retweet Blog Hop

Come join the Sweet Retweet Valentine Blog Hop
What better gift to give to our internet friends than to support them? Join The Insklingers in the Sweet Retweet Blog hop. Here are the rules:
1. Prepare a blog post that you’d like retweeted.
2. Place the valentines button on your blog (see below for code).
3.  Spread the word. Your friends can find all the information here or on G+ or the Facebook event page. The more people that join, the more retweets.
4.Then from Feb 1 through Feb 14, tweet your blog link with the hashtag #valentineretweet (all one word). Also you need to do a search for this tag and retweet your fellow authors.It would be great if you could do this at least once a day, but you don’t want to spam your stream, so if there are a lot of entries you might want to do a few at a time.
5.. Even better, check out your fellow participant’s blogs and leave a comment. You can also share their posts via Facebook, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, or any outlet you’d like.
It’s that easy, and that fun. Have a question? here are some common ones:

Q: Does my post/book/blog/material have to be of a romantic/valentines nature?
A: Nope. It’s a bonus if it is, but it’s not required.
Q: Do I have to have a giveaway?
A: Nope. You can if you want to, though.
Q: Do I have to a writer to participate?
A: Nope. Review blogs, or even just blogs of general interest can participate. The more the merrier.
Q: Do I need to leave my blog link on my blog or the Facebook page or G+ page?
A: If you’d like to. The most important thing is to make sure you TWEET that link starting Feb 1st – 14th with the hashtag #valentineretweet .
Q: I’ve never done much with twitter. Can you give me an example tweet?
A: Sure thing! : Official release date for Joleene Naylor’s paranormal novel 
Q: how do I post the button?
A: Copy the code in the box below. Got to your blog editor and choose the text/html tab/option. Paste the code into the body of your blog .

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