Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another week, another edit

It’s been a long week what with the virus and the umpteenth edit of Spawn of Kongonato.

  Viruses I can handle. A cold here, flu there. I even managed to catch three colds consecutively during the winter.

    Yet this particular virus was hard. Even Avast, my previously impeccable anti-virus couldn’t cope and consequently squawked before closing my machine down with what sounded like a death rattle.

     However I’ve fixed it I think, I hope, despite researching several hundred internet entries complaining of but not actually explaining how to exterminate the little sod. I would so like to get my hands on these people. Do they really have nothing better to do?

     However, I’ve also finished another edit of Kongomato 2 and I’m relatively happy with the plot. But instead of waiting a few weeks before I start again, as is my wont, I’m going to jump right in while it’s still fresh in my mind.

     Never again will I publish a novel with stupid errors. So tonight after a run or maybe even a little sleep it’s back to it. I’m glad it’s finished since the third and final edition: Progeny of Kongomato is going rather nicely. Here's the (unfinished) cover

Here’s a little bit.

‘So when we get to…where was it again?’
     Steve smiled in the darkness, glad to be in charge once more.
   ‘Traitor’s Gate. It’s a door what goes right into the Tower of London. That’s where the stuff is. There won’t be any guards out because of that toxic stuff, which I don’t believe in anyway.' His words were only slightly muffled and the dark filthy rag he was holding over his mouth in the almost complete darkness barely interrupted his blithe confidence. ‘We get the jewels and nick ‘em.’
    ‘What, all of them?’ Harry gasped. He didn’t quite know how many jewels there were in the Tower of London but it surely had to be a lot. And you couldn’t fence a whole gold crown with a million diamonds in it down the east end. Someone was bound to ask questions. But there was something else. It took a moment to register.
    ‘But aren’t the doors gonna be shut or something?’
    Steve had already considered this question at length. But naturally the solution was obvious and the real reason why he was in charge, because Harry would never have come up with it himself.

                Like the first in the series, a little silliness before the real blood-letting begins.


  1. Nice, both the excerpt and the cover. As for viruses, why can't those people get a life?

  2. I'm still not clear of it but the thought of formatting my Hd doesn't apeal. I'd like to format them.
    The final cover should be ready soon.

  3. A little silliness never did anyone any harm – can’t say the same for blood-letting of course!
    It sounds great I can’t wait to read it.
    I’m sorry I’ve not been over much lately. The days are just flying past March arrived and went again in the blink of an eye.

  4. It's good to see you again. I'm half way through what I hope is the final edit. If all goes well I'll begin the equally as lengthy process of getting C/space to accept it. I hope they've finally brought their software out of the dark ages.

  5. Love the cover, good luck with the final edit. be well agman.

  6. Thank you. I've changed the cover again - hopefully for the better. I've also done another edit since then. It amazes me that I can edit it so many times yet still keep finding mistakes. It's out with my amazing beta reader now. Then I'll do it again. Hopefully people will read and like it, but if not it won't be for any silly mistakes.