Saturday, 5 April 2014

Is it just me, or...

Has anyone else experienced something odd with Blogspot of late? It may just be the virus from which I'm finally emerging but B/S doesn't seem the same. The top row (despite my having it included in Settings) does not show anymore. The row of buttons allowing me to start a new entry. Also, the Google+ plus share button added to all the other share buttons has now gone even though, as before, Settings assures me that it's still there.

     Perhaps it's just that I'm overtired. I've been writing so madly the past few weeks that I barely know what day it is anymore. Certainly my wife has offered to remove all consciousness permanently if I don't do something around the house. But ultimately does it really matter if the ivy on my garage has grown so much that it looks as if the entire house has been beset by rampaging Triffids? I quite like it. And this way you can't see the peeling paint I promised to repair this time last year. 

     And what if the front lawn is so deep I'm pretty sure there's a few predatory animals in there stalking the neighbour's cat, which I haven't seen for a week , come to think of it. At least it keeps the mangy dog fox from digging holes in the rose bed, which unfortunately doesn't have any roses since I forgot to plant them last year.

     I think I may have talked myself into it. I'll be good and do something. I'll take an hour or so off. My hard drive and Registry need defragging, anyway. 

     See, I can be reasonable. Who says men are selfish?


  1. Actually, blogger has had some problems off and on. Wouldn't you know, the one guest post I did this year is when it wasn't allowing comments. Sometimes our stories take us over and there's just no much we can do except type, type, type.

  2. I’ve given up trying to persuade (bully) Terry into painting the house. The decorator arrives on Monday! Now I just need to sell a few books to pay for it.
    Blogger does seem to be having a funny 5 minutes at the moment, hopefully it’s only temporary.

  3. The point is, if you (or I) paint the house it's just going to show off all th other stuff that needs painting and repairing, so why bother, I say. if it ain't broke...
    Blogspot hasn't improved yet. I wish I could delete it and download again, but the last time I messed with it, I lost my entire blog and never found it again.