Thursday, 13 March 2014

Destruction and mayhem are back.

Now that I've finally finished Old Geezers Two (haven't thought of a sub-title yet), I've begun another edit of Kongomato 2, Spawn of kongomato. Every time I get back to horror my creative juices really begin to flow, or should that be gush, pulse, cascade, spurt and spout.

   Anyway, here's a little bit from the first chapter. I don't hang about when there's death and mayhem to be done.

   Just one word was all he managed as that vague fluttering noise directly before him was just as quickly replaced by a solid green beam. Almost as sharp as a spotlight it began traversing the large striking chamber. Slowly it moved picking up in eerie detail every facet of the ancient wall. Aware that he should duck or at least get out of the way, Steve stumbled over something, instinctively looked down and immediately wished he hadn’t. Staring up at him was an eyeless skull, its mouth wide in a silent scream.
    Then it did scream, or rather Harry did for he was the first of the two to receive the beam straight into his eyes. With a blood curdling shriek he fell to his knees, hands covering his face, squirming and screeching as if a million bees had flown into his eyes. Steve was given no time to think because a second later he too was hit by the shaft of awful light. If someone had ever driven nails into his eyes, he’d have bet this is how much it would have hurt. But he was given no more time for such idle fancies for in another instant the most horrendous pain he’d ever felt in his life scoured his entire body. Every nerve screamed its agony...

     And I've already begun number three.


  1. Wowza I'm lost for words! Looking good Roger.

  2. Well thank you. I've actually changed a lot of that since then. All for the better I hope. Number three is coming along nicely; or should that be horribly?

  3. Ooh. Terrifying. I like it. A lot. Great writing. When you titled this Destruction and Mayham, I thought you were referring to your cats.

  4. No, actually I was talking about my wife and daughter. My books are positively tame compared to their exploits.

  5. And if she ever sees my blogs, she'll demonstrate hers skill with a very sharp instrument.