Saturday, 8 March 2014

She's after me.

My beloved wife hinted, no actually she said that if I didn't put away my stupid toys and do some work around the house then she was going to do something very painful - for me.

    'Yes', she groaned, 'your painting is fine, now put it away or I'm going to show you another purpose for that mouse.

    She also mentioned that I should get some rest for tomorrow we have to go out and buy  (another) car for my darling offspring. 'Yes I know it's only been a year,' she snarled, 'but she has to have something to drive.'

    What's it going to be this time, a Lamborghini? And this is the reason why my beloved motorbike had to go a couple of weeks ago to be replaced with a girly scooter.

    If I had any street cred, which I don't and probably never did; it's long gone and if my old motorbiking pals could see me now they'd laugh themselves sick and never speak to me again. 

    At least Old Geezers 2 is finished. I'll leave it alone for a month before I begin the first edit. Next week it's back to The Book of Pain - edit number six. It's shaping up nicely and should be ready for publication in a few months, always providing She-who-Is-Not-Amused doesn't do for me first. 

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  1. Your daughter's very lucky. Hmm, I like your wife's idea for a different use for a mouse.
    Can't wait to read Old Geezers 2.

  2. I would not have enjoyed my wife's alternative use for the mouse. I'll be editing Old geezers 2 in a few weeks. The prroblem is that now I have four new novels to edit.