Sunday, 2 March 2014

Don't know what happened at smashwords.

Even though I enrolled in the smashwords Ebook promo week, nothing has happened to my prices. I sent off an email but being Sunday I don't suppose there were many people to read it. I'll give them another day.
    In the interim I've dropped the price of Three Hoodies Save The World on Amazon to $0.99, perhaps forever; I haven't decided yet. If it encourages a few more buyers then I'll be content and who knows, they might even read Hoodies 2.
    Later on I had a scout through smashwords and was surprised at just how few writers had dropped their prices for the week. Of course it could just be that my books aren't the only ones that have slipped through the net. Tomorrow should be more revealing.


  1. Maybe it will take them a day or so because there might be a lot of people who signed up. I better go check mine.

  2. Let me know, maybe they just hate me. Is that just a little paranoia creeping in?

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I sold a whole book so far. My first buyer of Three Hoodies 2. The effort was finally worth it.