Saturday, 10 May 2014

Aaaaand it's back.

After weighing up my options, and according to my wife, being criminally mean, I decided that I couldn’t bear to part with XP; and since my anti-virus will take up the slack for MS’s withdrawal of support, I rebuilt the old, wheezing computer.
     It clanked a few times and, I’m pretty sure, swore at me as it spluttered back to life - but it’s back.
     Am I the only one who thinks XP is better? Or am I the only one who can’t bear to part with yet more money for that dratted Windows 8 which will probably be obsolete in a couple of months, anyway? Regardless, I know the day will come, and soon, but for now at least the old steam powered comp and XP are back.
     Tomorrow I’m going to begin the eleventh and I hope final re-write of Spawn Of Kongomato. Even if people hate it, which naturally I hope is not the case, at least they won’t be able to pin their loathing on typos. That’s not going to happen again.


  1. I like XP. Windows 8 is a royal pain.

  2. Who could hate Spawn of Kongomato? Your horror books are phenominal!
    As for XP - bleah. I love my Windows 7. It works so much better for me than XP. As for Windows 8, there's been too many complaints for me to want to try it.

  3. You're very kind. But as for XP, I'm a Luddite. I only just stopped crying after dumping windows Millennium.