Saturday, 3 May 2014

The time is nigh......

I’m slipping away.
     It’s been good. I’ve enjoyed my time here but apparently it’s up. Until just a few days ago I felt young and the world was my lobster. I probably got that bit wrong, but it doesn’t matter now for it’s all over.
     Three times today and four already this week I’ve been afforded my future. It’s becoming dark, farewell.

     Clearly that’s my hard worn computer (Malcolm) speaking. Am I the only person on the globe who gives his computer a name? I only built it a few years ago and then it was the absolute dogs… well no profanity at a time like this.
     I’m talking about the dreaded blue screen. We all know how unreliable and cantankerous windows can be at times. Yet sometimes it can operate for a whole day without displaying some of its less savoury character traits, and those are the good times.
     And if it’s not bad enough that I have to build or buy another, I even have to change my operating system and I love XP.
     And I’ve lost the key for my perfectly legal copy of Word!!!!!
So this will be the last missive from both this computer and this word processing package because if I can’t find a way of reinstalling it then I’ll be hanged if I’ll buy another. I quite enjoy Libre Office. I suppose I’ll have to stick with it.
     It’s almost like knowing you’re going to croak and already feeling the laughter of the horned one.
     Windows 8 awaits me with a cackle.
     It’s not fair.


  1. I have names for my computers, but I can't say them ... I try not to curse online.

    1. My motorbike was called Kevin. How sad am I? (Done from my tablet)

  2. Like Mark, I often call my computer a specific name but sadly daren't put it on the internet. As for Windows and its finickyness at times, been there, done that, and called my computer by its name more than once these past couple of weeks. My latest fight was with Windows Media Center when it kept saying 'no disc in the player.' Sigh. I had to download a microsoft fix-it to make it read DVDs again.

  3. I uninstalled Libre Office and it also uninstalled M/S word. Now if thart's not pure vindictiness on MS's side I don't know what is.