Sunday, 1 June 2014

Gotta new router - sorta.

My new router arrived.
    Emblazoned across the top of the box was: Our bestest ever router, which I took to mean that it was a router that actually worked, or better still, a router which worked for more than a couple of days.
    It does work, although my upload speed is such that I could write faster. And when I finally finish editing Spawn Of Kongomato, hopefully within this decade, I’m going to have a real job uploading it. Perhaps I’ll just begin the job and go on my first holiday for twelve years in the hope that it will be finished by my return.
    Then they actually had the nerve to send me an on-line survey to ascertain my views on their service. Now as the phone calls are all (allegedly) recorded they really should have expected my response, with a codicil that the only reason I continue to put up with their rubbish is that they are the only provider to give me an email address comprising my real name.
    My contract runs out pretty soon so look out for rogglfkder_Lawvnfhence 5673048@*****.com. I don’t care. Four thousand years ago I owned a 14.4 dial-up modem. It was actually faster than that which I have now. Talk about regression.
     And while I was waiting for the return of the interweb I started a predictably bad couple of paintings. As you’ll all agree, it’s probably well that I got it back.


  1. Um what was I saying about optimism?

  2. Optimism is for those who aren't terminally pessimistic.I'm not talking of myself of course. I'm too lethargic for either emotion. However I've discovered a new word, and I'm toying with the notion of using it, although it's probably a little pretentious: Otiose. Can't wait - if I can be bothered.

  3. Gotta love companies that gottcha and there's not much you can do about it. I would go insane if our speed slowed down.